Best Engagement Photo Locations in Portland

Lets talk about the Alternative, Non-Traditional Engagement Photoshoot Experience
in Portland! (Autumn Edition)

The process of getting engaged is so special, intimate, and such a big part of getting married that your engagement photos should go beyond the save-the-date and become a sentimental heirloom for you to look back on for years to come. Your love is so unique that making the whole day about  you and your Partner should be a priority for you!  Have you considered making the whole day into a date to create another special day in your lives? Let me show you what that might look like!

Why not start your morning off right? Here are some places you and your boo can go before we meet up for your photoshoot!

  • First, theres Bison Coffeehouse–an intentional Native-American owned coffee shop so you can start the day on the right foot, supporting a cause you might believe in.
  • Self-care is always a good way to prepare yourselves for a photoshoot, so if you want to get your nails done, stop by True Nails Lounge (an ethical Nail Salon), or book an appointment with Interstellar Bodyworks for a Massage and Reiki experience
  • Why not create an affordable in-home spa day? Stop by The Raven’s Wing Magical Co. or Sea Grape apothecary for some at-home self care and make your own spa experience in the comfort of your own home!

The Shoot: When we meet up for your photoshoot, I have the perfect places to take your Autumn engagement photos! When booking me as your engagement photographer we can discuss the vision you have for your photos! We can do a themed photoshoot, roll with the seasonal feel in a relaxed environment, or create a mood by putting the emotion you share together in an intimate session.

Haven’t “popped the question” yet? I would love to help you turn your proposal and engagement photos into one memorable session! 

(If you need help looking for “the ring”, try Erica Weiner! She has a brick and mortar shop in SW Portland, and theres a lot of really cool history she can tell you about her vintage collection.

I would love to hear any other visions you have for your special engagement session! For now, here is a list of ideas I’ve accumulated for the perfect photoshoot.

You just got engaged! You got pictures to commemorate! Why not have a fun, themed date night? If you need some suggestions, I gotchu.

If you are looking for somewhere perfect for a date filled with autumn vibes, this is the list for you. From dinner and drinks to dancing or comedy, these places all help you live the perfect autumn date.

  • Psychic Bar: A  chill, psychic themed bar with good music playing and delicious cocktails.
  • Wyrd Meadery: The perfect autumn drink is mead! They have a wide selection of mead including their own home brewed mead and some other options for you! They are also a leatherworker so be sure to check out some of their cool products!
  • Ravens Manor: A haunted house themed restaurant and bar with some spoopy food and drink options (just call ahead to see if you need to make a reservation). They also offer an elixir experience where you can learn how to make some neat cocktails of your own for a fun date-night experience.
  • The Coffin Club: One of my all time favourite places for dancing and drinks, their music selection is fantastic, and you can’t beat the vibe at this cool goth club.
  • Old town Pizza: For amazing pizza and delicious brews, this place is both cozy and gives me stronge hygge vibes. This place is said to be haunted, too!
  • Funhouse Lounge: For some laughs and entertainment, you can’t go wrong at funhouse lounge! They also have a creepy clown room that is sure to give you the creeps!
  • Kimsky-Korsakofeeehosue: If you are feeling deserts and an eclectic late-night coffee experience, this place is perfect for you. Take a stop by and enjoy this beautiful victorian house turned restaurant.
  • Bagdad Theatre: A McMennamins theatre notorious in the city! Check out their showings for a classic date night in this haunted movie theatre. It feels a little extravagant but at an affordable price!

Engagement season is upon us, so why not Book me today to get your engagement experience this Autumn & Winter!

Couple dressed in formal attire with the sun behind them smiling for a Halloween themed photoshoot.